RetroFit Anchor (Bulk 50-pc min.) # 2815B

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RetroFit Anchor (Bulk 50-pc min.) # 2815B

SAS # 2815B

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Many older and recently constructed homes do not have roof anchors.  This is a problem for so many who have to access the roof for repairs, warranty and general maintenance & improvement.  The Retro-Fit Anchor is being installed by roofing contractors and homeowners all over the country for fall protection.

The anchor is designed to be installed by removing only a portion of the ridge and does not require a conventional flashing system. Use over asphalt shingle, wood shake or metal roofing, the butyl flashing strip attached to the underside of the anchor will provide a water resistant installation. Compatible with standard and vented ridge-cap systems, the low profile strap anchor is aesthetically pleasing and can also be painted to match the roof color.

  • Works with Vented & Non-Vented Ridge Caps
  • Perfect for Asphalt, Wood & Metal Roofs
  • Includes a Butyl Strip for a Waterproof Seal
  • Low Profile Design Blends Into Roofing
  • Complies with all OSHA and ANSI Standards
  • Includes Stainless Steel Fasteners

The Retro is one of our most popular anchors ever.  As you can see by the photos, it really does blend in to the roofing surface very good.  A lot of our customers (and architects) really appreciate that they can have safety and aesthetics at the same time.

Looking for a Retrofit for a Tile Roof?  We have it.  It is about twice as long as the standard retrofit and designed to have the D-rings revealed under the last course of tile.  Click on the "Retro Flyer" on the right hand side of the page.

Part # Description
2815 Retro-Fit, Butyl Flashing & Fasteners
2815B Bulk Packaged, Butly Flashing & Fasteners
2815T Tile Roof Retro-Fit, Butly & Fasteners
2013A Replacement Nail Pack - 8 ea. Stainless Sprial Nails
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