MAX X-Line Pneumatic 50ft Lifeline # 4071

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MAX X-Line Pneumatic 50ft Lifeline # 4071

SAS # 4071 

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A serious invention that holds its own up on the roof. The MAX X-Line simply combines a fall protection lifeline and an air-hose in one product. This revolutionary product is helping roofers all across the country work safer and faster. How? By simply integrating the air hose into the middle of the 12 strand lifeline, you instantly cut down on the tripping hazards by half! Imagine 3 roofers up on the roof with their standard safety lifeline and air hose for a total of 6 "lines".  With the X-Line a roofer can roof again!  No more rope management all day.  Owners of roofing companies can rest assured that their employees are in OSHA compliance because in order to use their air hose they need to be tied off!  Here are just some of the features and benefits of the MAX X-Line:

  • Combines air hose and safety lifeline in one unit
  • Workers cannot roof with air gun unless they are tied off
  • Cuts down on tripping hazards by 50% instantly
  • Long lasting materials used throughout
  • Can be used in "Reverse" for even greater flexibility
  • Pre-Installed Super Grab Rope Grab Device

SAS spent over a year developing the X-Line to ensure durability, performance and compliance in the field. Let the X-Line help you reach the next level in Safety & Efficiency.

Part # Description
4070 30' MAX X-Line with Super Grab
4071 50' MAX X-Line with Super Grab
4015 Replacement Super Grab Device



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