MAX Hinged Roof Anchor # 3006

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MAX Hinged Roof Anchor # 3006

SAS # 3006

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The SAS Hinged Roof anchor is a great all around anchor point for use on sheeted roofs. It is manufactured from 11 gauge dichromate coated steel with a D-Ring that hinges from side to side. It installs with either nails (supplied) or screws on pitches up to a 20/12. It is rated for 5,000 pounds and can be installed in numerous different configurations.  It has to be installed over a minimum of 7/16" OSB or Plywood that is attached to a minimum 2x4 top chord or truss.

  • Industry Standard Design with Hinged D-Ring
  • Use up to a 20/12 Pitch or Flat on the Deck
  • Rated for OSHA 5,000 pounds Fall Arrest
  • Install with Nails or Screws
  • Numerous Mounting Options
  • Cost Effective, Reusable Anchor Point

Replacement fasteners supplied by Super Anchor are certified to meet the installation requirements in the Instruction/Specification Manual.  Generic, untested fasteners cannot be relied upon to withstand the forces generated in a free fall.

Part # Description
3006 Hinged Roof Anchor
3007 24 ea. 16d Vinyl Coated Sinkers
3007B 50lb. Box of Vinly Coated Sinkers
3008 12 ea. #12 1-5/8" Hex Head Screws
2011B Box of 1,000 #13 1-5/8" Hex Head Screws
3009 12 ea. Duplex Nails
2012B 50lb. Box of Duplex Nails
2010 Hex Head Driver 1/4" Drive
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