HeadLOK Spider-Drive driver bit # 2037

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HeadLOK Spider-Drive driver bit # 2037

 SAS 2032B     SOLD PER POUND  (approx. 32 pcs per pound)


Super Anchor tests each anchor point with its fasteners to make sure that you are getting a factory certified attachment.  Fasteners are the critical link between performance and failure.  Original and replacement fasteners are carefully specified and tested to meet the strength requirements needed to hold up under the extreme forces generated by a free fall.

Screws fall into this category, as they are used to fasten numerous of our temporary anchor points.  Here is a list of the different types of screws that we offer as factory supplied fasteners and factory replacement:

#12 2-7/8" Red Hex Head Screws for Universal, ARS 5K and our Hinged Roof Anchor Point. Part #2009 and #2009B in a bulk box of 1,000.

#12 1-5/8" Black Hex Head Screws for Universal, ARS 5K and our Hinged Roof Anchor Point. Part #2011 and #2011B in a bulk box of 1,000.

#14 2-1/2" Hex Head Screws for our CRA Anchors.  Replacement packs of 40 ea.

2-7/8" Spider-Drive Flat Head Screws.  Sold per pound.  Approx 32 pcs per pound.  Optional, special order fastener.

3-1/2" Spider-Drive Flat Head Screws.  Packs of 250 ea.  Optional, special order fastener.

Super Anchor ships all of our anchors out the door with the attachment hardware, period.  They believe that all anchors should come with factory certified fasteners so that each product meets or exceeds the applicable standard for fall protection.





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