Concrete Anchor Strap w/ D-Ring 42" (Karam) #6054D

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Concrete Anchor Strap w/ D-Ring 42" (Karam) #6054D

SAS # 6054D

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The Concrete Anchor Strap is a Tie-Off Strap with a special sheathing sewn over it to protect it while it is embedded into concrete.  We offer it in 4 different lengths with 4' being the most popular.  It can be used for fall protection by one person at a time when the concrete to which the strap is secured is capable of supporting 5,000 lbs or 2 times the intended load.

The web-loop end of the strap is simply inserted through the rebar that is at least 12" in length.  The D-Ring end of the Concrete Anchor Strap protrudes through the form work or finished surface of the concrete allowing a sufficient length that will allow the D-ring to move freely.  Once the work is complete, simply cut the strap off at the concrete penetration point and discard.

  • Temporary "Pour-in-Place" Anchor Point
  • Available in 3', 4', 5', and 6' Lenghts
  • Rated for OSHA Fall Arrest 5,000 lbs.
  • Special Cover to Protect Against Concrete
  • Requires Minimum 2,500 psi Concrete
  • Simply Cut Off to Remove

Tie-Off Straps that are poured in place are to be used only as a temporary anchorage device and must be evacuated once the initial construction is completed.  Webbing embedded in concrete for more than two years may be subject to chemical deterioration.


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