ARS 2x8 Fall Arrest Anchor (14 Ga.) # 1006

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ARS 2x8 Fall Arrest Anchor (14 Ga.) # 1006

SAS # 1006

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Many of the roofs in the industry are made of metal so we manufactured a custom flashing to specifically fit our ARS Series of metal roofs.

The Super Anchor EPDM Metal Roof Flashing base was specifically designed to flash the ARS Series of anchors on standing seam and corrugated metal roofing. This is the same flashing that comes standard in our Super Z-Purlin Anchor for the Metal Building Industry. The Flashing system consists of a medium gray EPDM Base Flashing with aluminum reinforced edge, a gray stem cover and a tether strap.

  • Fully Compatible with our ARS Series Anchors
  • 100% Waterproof Flashing and Stem Cover
  • Works on all Metal Roof Systems
  • Can Be Painted to Match Roof Color (Latex Only)

Flashing size is 8"x8" with a 3" stem height. The flashing has ribs on the bottom to accept butyl type sealant. Fasteners are not included to attach the flashing to the roof. The flashing conforms easily to the different roof profiles assuring a nice weather tight fit.


Part # Description
1022 ARS 2x4, No Flashing Base, Attachment Hardware
1006 ARS 2x8, No Flashing Base, Attachment Hardware
1007 ARS 2x12, No Flashing Base, Attachment Hardware
2810 EPDM Flashing Kit for all ARS Series Anchors
2018 EPDM Flashing Base
1002 Gray Stem Cover





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