48" E-4 Energy Absorbing Web Lanyard w/ 2 Snaphooks # 6020W

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48" E-4 Energy Absorbing Web Lanyard w/ 2 Snaphooks # 6020W

SAS # 6020W

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Shock absorbers are the most important component of your personal fall protection equipment. When properly used, impact forces can be reduced from 2500 lbs., down to less than 900 lbs. thus preventing serious injury or fatality.  They are pretty much required by OSHA now days except in some special circumstances.  It is always a good idea to have one in your personal fall arrest system.

The MAX Force Polyester Energy Absorbers are manufactured using industry-standard tear away webbing attached to high quality polyester backing.  MAX Absorbers are ANSI/CSA Certified and they come in different specifications based on user weight.  See the matrix below for information.

  • Domestic Grade Webbing for Ultra Reliability
  • Complies With all Current OSHA, ANSI and CSA Standards
  • English/French/Spanish Warning Labels
  • Clear UV Protected Shrink Tubing for Easy Inspection
  • Inspection Matrix on All Absorbers
  • Max Deployment Length at 46"
  • Reduces Force Load to 900 lbs.

For equipment specification and proper use, refer to component compatibility and non-compatibility charts found at the right side of this page.

Part # Description
i6061 MAX Force, 100-220 lb, Snaphook/D-Ring, Black Color
ii6061 MAX Force, 100-220 lb, Snaphook/D-Ring, CSA, Yellow Color
iii6061 MAX Force, 100-264 lb, Snaphook/D-Ring, CSA, Blue Color
iv6061 MAX Force, 198-340 lb, Snaphook/D-Ring, CSA, Orange Color
6025 E-4 MAX Force Shock Absorber w/ Snaphook & Large D-Ring
3004 MAX Shock Absorber w/ Integral Mechanical Rope Grab
6026 Shock Absorber w/ Carabiner & Large D-Ring
6027 72" E-4 Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard w/ Snaphook & Loop End
6027D 72" E-4 Shock Absorbing Double-Leg Web Lanyard w/ 3 Snaphooks
6027W 72" E-4 Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard w/ 2 Snaphooks
6028 72" E-4 Shock Absorbing Web  Lanyard w/ Carabiner & Loop End
6029 72" E-4 Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard w/ NO Hardware
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